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In order to meet our goal of fighting poverty and hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), our Foundation has chosen to help the people living in Kamiji, an area located in the oriental Kasaï. We want to restart the agro farm which was on this territory until 1991.  Following the looting raids and various armed factions, the herd of 3600 cattle was completely decimated and the farm abandoned. Between 2003 and 2009, the country slowly started to rebuild its destroyed economic tissue, and the Kamiji farm was looking for a life line to resume its activities. Our Foundation is this life line!

Since we have started helping at the end of 2009, the Cooperative Agro of Kamiji has been formed,with a Council of 7 persons chaired by Dr Melchias Mukendi. Congo (DRC) Faim/Hunger Inc.will provide the necessary financing to restart the Kamiji agro farm but it will be up to the residents themselves to take charge and make it happen.

What about the project? The farm must have 75 cows to start with. This herd will rapidly provide the high quality, urgently needed, protein to the population. Already, three herdsmen have burned the savannah pastures to allow forage to grow. They have rebuilt the enclosure and erected houses for their families. A barn was built, and I have no doubt that the few pigs already there will successfully reproduce rapidly. Goats, chickens and other small farm animals will also be added. A portion of the field has been plowed and seeded. The first harvests of corn, peanuts and soybeans will shortly feed the population with quality food.

Congo (DRC) Faim/Hunger Inc. delivers money collected on its behalf directly to the Cooperative agro of Kamiji, and ensures that the money are spent directly to produce the food needed for survival of families.

Yes, we CAN make a difference. Please help us to help them!






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