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In January 2009, with the help of Father Donat Mulumba Kalala, two volunteers went to Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of Congo, for a two months humanitarian mission. This experience showed the extreme poverty of the people of Congo. In some families, the rule is that half the members eat only every second day because there is not enough food for everyone every day! The status of their emaciated bodies speak for them.

What to do? Ginette and Nicole have created, with the help of Father Donat, Colette, Diane, Martine, Pierre and Martin, the non-profit organization CONGO (DRC) FAIM\HUNGER INC. whose purpose is to alleviate the poverty and hunger in DRC. To this end, an agropastoral farm has been started in Kamiji. Since the beginning of this adventure, the Foundation has raised the sum of $10,000. To complete this project, we need $100,000, an amount that will be used to purchase cows, seeds and farm equipment.

We know that this aid is very small compared to the overall needs of the Congo. But this aid can make a difference in the lives of Kamiji and who knows, maybe in the lives of people throughout the region. How can we refuse them?



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