History of the Foundation

In January 2009, two volunteers of Gatineau, Ginette Lehouillier and Nicole Le Quéré left Canada for the city of Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of Congo, for a humanitarian mission. This mission, made possible with the support of father Donat Mulumba Kalala, chaplain at the home of happiness and the hospital owns "piéta the" as well as the sponsorship of father Gaston Muyombo, priest in Congo and head of the hospital our Lady of hope, is to provide the hospital administrative assistance.

And so, during two months, Ginette renamed 'Kadambat' and Nicole renamed "Kabe", living the lives of some thirty employees of the hospital and of the few patients who manage to pay the small fee for care, most of the time less of $5.00. They learn to know also how lives or more specifically survives the population of Mbuji-Mayi and the surrounding area.

This was a finding of extreme poverty in a population otherwise proud, intelligent and often educated. The city of about 350,000 people, works without running water, in several neighborhoods without electricity, sewer or road paved with the exception of one or two main streets. People, men, women, children fail to eat every day. In some families, the rule is that half of the members eat alternating one day out of two, because there's not enough food for all in every day! It goes without saying that there is no social safety net, so the infirm, badly-taken, live on the streets, begging for their food. The State of their emaciated bodies speaks for them.

On the other hand, some orphanages collect young children who are either abandoned by their parents or orphaned and without family. Mother Marthe, young nun looked after 29 children at the orphanage Cavac, next to where we lived. She died of meningitis since our return. Despite all its efforts, I will not even talk about the living conditions of these children, housed in a large windowless room, no table or Chair, without bed.

We also visited the village of Bena Kabamba housing more than 17,000 people who live in huts of Earth. Mr Abbot Muyombo attempted to infuse a little humanity in building, with the help of U.S. funds, a church, a rectory, a school, a maternity hospital and a nutrition centre. Alas, it does not solve the problem of food, made even more critical by the closure of the only mine of diamonds in the region.

What to do?

Could not remained passive before so much suffering, upon their return, Ginette and Nicole immediately rolled up their sleeves and created, with father Donat, non-profit CONGO (DRC) hunger organization / HUNGER Inc. whose purpose is to relieve the poverty and hunger of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. To this end, a major project to develop a pastoral farm in Kamiji has been started. Since the beginning of this adventure, the Foundation Congo (DRC) hunger/Hunger Inc. was able to raise the sum of $ 10,000 that was used to construct a pigsty and also plow the fields to grow cereals, peanuts, etc. In order to complete the project from the pastoral Kamiji farm, we need $ 100,000. With this money we buy 75 cows, seeds and equipment needed for the farm.

I know that this assistance is a drop of water compared to the needs of humanity. This drop of water can make a difference in the lives of the inhabitants of Kamiji and who knows, maybe in the life of the inhabitants of the entire region, how to refuse them?