Our Projects

In order to fulfil our mission, which is to combat poverty and hunger in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), our Foundation has chosen to help the inhabitants of Kamiji, a region located in Kasai oriental, to restart the agricultural farm that existed on this territory until 1991. Following looting and incursions by various armed factions, the 3600 cattle herd has been completely decimated and the abandoned farm. Between 2003 and 2009, period during which the country started reconstruct slowly its economic fabric destroyed, Kamiji farm is looking for a lifeline to restart operations.Our Foundation wants this lifeline.

Since we started helping them at the end 2009, the Agricultural Cooperative of Kamiji has emerged and a group of 7 people under the chairmanship of Dr. MelchiasMukendi in the form the first Board of Directors. Indeed, Congo (DRC) hunger/Hunger Inc. provides funding to restart Kamiji pastoral farm but it is the residents themselves who must take over the project and bring it to fruition.

What is the status of the project?

The farm will have to start a herd of 75 cows providing shortly a quality protein whose population has an urgent need. Already, three herdsmen have prepared burning the savanna grassland to allow forage to grow. They rebuilt the enclosures and built houses for their families. A piggery was built and there is no doubt that a few pigs that are already succeed to reproduce quickly. These will be added goats, chickens and other small farm animals. Part of the field was plowed and seeded. The first harvests of but, peanut, soy will feed into shortly the population in food quality.

Congo (DRC) hunger/Hunger Inc. delivers directly to the Agricultural Cooperative of Kamiji money collected on its behalf and shall ensure that these monies are spent directly to produce the food needed for the survival of families.

Yes, we can make a difference, help us help them.